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Conquer: successfully overcome (a problem or weakness)

Help Us Change The World

Conquer invites you to help us combat one of the greatest tragedies in the world today...Human Trafficking. 5% of all our profits are donated to the A21 campaign. Together we can Conquer slavery!

About Conquer CBD

"We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit."
- Aristotle

Excellence begins with the small things. The way you answer the phone, how you look at someone when they walk through the door, or the seeds you choose to plant  long before the first bottle of CBD oil hits the shelves. Here at Conquer, we believe that excellent companies are built upon small actions of excellence repeated day after day and year after year.

When it comes to product quality, we won’t settle for second best. It all starts with a seed, and our CBD is is made from only the finest strains of industrial hemp, which is grown organically right here in the USA. Our in-house lab runs tests throughout the growing, extraction, and bottling processes to ensure that our CBD is pure, consistent, and THC free. We then send the finished product out for 3’rd party testing, just to double check.

When you buy a Conquer CBD product, you can rest assured knowing that you are getting the highest quality CBD that money can buy. We believe that consistency is key, which is the reason for our rigorous testing program. Every bottle that hits our shelves is guaranteed to be broad spectrum, 100% THC Free, free of toxins and harmful chemicals, and to have consistent concetrations of CBD.

The culture of excellence that our company is built on, allows us to proudly stand behind out products. We know we are the best thing out there. This is why we confidently offer a 30-day money back guarantee on all Conquer products.

The Conquer Difference

Conquer Recovery


Grueling workouts can be tough on the body. We want to help you get back in the gym faster.

Conquer Sleep


Your body needs rests in order to heal properly and perform well. Consistent use of broad spectrum CBD has been linked to more consistent sleep cycles and better rest.

Conquer Focus


Achieving goals requires a laser like focus, but all of life’s distractions make it hard sometimes. We’re here to help you stay on track.

Conquer Stress


When you’re not at work, you need to be able to unwind. We will help you lower your stress levels so you can enjoy your life outside of the daily grind.

About Me

Hi! I’m Josh Palmatier.

I spent most of my adult life working construction until the fall of 2017, when I got motivated to chase after my dreams and change my life and the lives of my wife and children for the better. That crazy and sometimes difficult journey led to the birth of Conquer CBD

During my journey I began working as an affiliate for several big name CBD companies. I saw that CBD was making a huge difference in the lives of some of the people that were using it, but I also saw a huge problem in the market.

  1. There is a LOT of poor quality CBD out there. With little regulation in the industry, unless your CBD supplier is willing to provide 3rd party lab results, you really don’t have any idea what you are buying.
  2. Almost none of the high quality, broad spectrum CBD on the market is truly THC free. This means that it can’t be used by the people who really need it the most ( fighters, soldiers, police officers, extreme athletes, etc).

I saw this as an opportunity to make a difference. Not just to provide people with top quality, 100% THC free products, but also to build a company that will make a mark on the world.

Conquer is built on a foundation of principles that are near and dear to my heart. Values such as Honor, Integrity, Standing up for others, and the Golden Rule. This is one of the reasons that I have pledged to give 5% of our profits to fight human trafficking across the globe.

With your help Conquer will be a light in the dark places. With your help, we will change the world.

Conquer CEO - Josh Palmatier